PBI’s Penguin Program gives distributors an opportunity to distribute quality PBI cooling products at competitive prices. PBI offers many pricing tiers and volume discounts, available depending on your order quantity commitments. We do not sell to individual shops or customers. To see if you qualify as a wholesale distributor, please email our wholesale team with your credit application and a PBI team member will contact you.

Level 1
$1,000/ Month
  • Entry Order: 35 Units
  • Freight Prepaid: $1,000*
  • Monthly Purchase: $1,000
  • Annual Purchase: $12,000
Master Level
$2,000/ Month
  • Entry Order: 70 Units
  • Freight Prepaid: $1,500*
  • Monthly Purchase: $2,000
  • Annual Purchase: $24,000
$5,000/ Month
  • Entry Order: 150 Units
  • Freight Prepaid: $2,000**
  • Monthly Purchase: $5,000
  • Annual Purchase: $60,000
$10,000/ Month
  • Entry Order: 250 Units
  • Freight Prepaid: $2,500***
  • Monthly Purchase: $10,000
  • Annual Purchase: $120,000
*Add $500 to Freight Prepaid if lift-gate is needed
** $4,000 / $5,000 (w/liftgate) for Canadian orders (TL)
*** $5,000 / $6,000 (w/liftgate) for Canadian orders (CL)
Terms and Conditions
1. Payment terms are Net 10 upon credit approval. Otherwise, cash, credit card, or check will be required upon delivery.
2. Our cooling products are available for shipping through UPS, OnTrac, LSO, or FedEx on freight collect basis by confirmed written PO’s only. All single piece orders must be placed by our cut-off time of 2:00pm PST for OnTrac, 3:30pm PST for UPS orders shipping from California, 12:30pm PST for UPS orders shipping from Virginia, and 1:00pm PST UPS orders shipping from Texas. LSO orders have a cut-off time of 11:30am PST shipping out of Texas. Cut-off times may change and are not guaranteed. Our customer service team will notify you if any orders were unable to be shipped due to earlier pick-ups or shipping delays.
3. If shipping single-piece or using parcel delivery services, please provide shipping label for shipping accuracy and best rates. All appointments for pickup must be made by the customer.
4. An $8.00 non-refundable handling & packaging fee per piece will be added to all single piece / parcel delivery shipment orders.
5. These pricing programs are for qualified warehouse distributors only, and are planned for stocking not expediting. Thus, only items that are defective can be authorized for replacement or for credit. Credit will be issued only when the item in question is unavailable. Credit will not be given until the manufacturer’s final testing results have been made. Any returns for lost sales or found not to be defective, will be subject to a 20% restocking fee. $10.00 re-boxing fee if required.
6. Any returns found not to be PBI product will be returned to the customer at the customer’s expense. Items will be scrapped if customer does not provide disposition advice within 7 days.
7. Special order (**) items, special pricing items, and obsolete (***) items (including discontinued items or to-be-discontinued items) are not returnable.
8. All the prices and terms are subject to change without prior notice and are not guaranteed against price decline.
9. Any warranty discount offered on products are not eligible for any returns except for items made wrong and/or shipping errors.
10. PO Cancellations prior to order being shipped must be notified to PBI by sending an email to [email protected]. Only written email cancellations will be accepted.